Friday, 11 January 2013

Following the ‘You Asked For It’ teaser campaign last month on, FuturLab have finally revealed a native PlayStation Vita version of its award-winning teleportation shoot ‘em-up Velocity. They also hinted at a Velocity sequel in the works.

Speaking to fans of Velocity on the PlayStation Blog, FuturLab’s MD James Marsden introduced Velocity Ultra as a “director’s cut”; showing a completely overhauled and unified art style, visual effects and before-and-after comparison screenshots illustrating the differences between the original PS minis release and Velocity Ultra.

Being a native PlayStation Vita title, Velocity Ultra also features PSN Trophies and online leader boards; something that fans of the game had earnestly requested (demanded) after playing the original.

“We couldn’t be more excited about Velocity Ultra. We’re so grateful to our fans and supporters and we’re committed to keeping our reputation nice and shiny with this native PS Vita version of Velocity. I’d also like to mention that we learned a lesson with our double-countdown clock teaser. We won’t do that again, though we will continue to tease on a regular basis...” said James Marsden, FuturLab's Managing Director.

Just in case Velocity Ultra wasn’t enough to satisfy expectations, Marsden also linked to a Velocity Sequel Questionnaire, inviting readers to submit requests for a sequel. Completed questionnaires will be entered into a draw where 10 lucky people will win a copy of Velocity Ultra.

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